I’ve always had visions of waves. Felt them moving within me, around me, crashing over me. A physical and emotional sensation, at times a gift and others times, a challenge.

I grew up singing in the church choir. Ever in pursuit of that moment when the collective song takes a group of humans to a place of connection and freedom.

When I discovered the practice of meditation with sound I found a pathway to merge with those waves. To be of them. The deeper I go into and merge with the sound, I find at the center, at the core is silence.

The water on the lake is smooth like glass in the morning. My mind is a still point, silent somewhere within the noise.

Yoga of the Voice and sound meditation has offered me a practice to cultivate familiarity with the waves of life.  Offering tools and time to meditate on and within its ebbs and flows. Feeling the noise and staying connected to the inner silence through it all.

Being connected and free. Living in interdependent harmony. This is my absolute purest goal in life.


So, what do you do?

It starts with a moment of silence. Followed by noticing. Followed by breath. 

I invite and I invoke. I choose love over fear except when I don’t and in those moments I breathe and pull back the lens. Sometimes a wider view is necessary for perspective.

My feet are on the ground and I feel the expansion of breath in my belly.

In the fields, I hear her deep sigh. Earth, she whispers a remembering of the sacred conversations. I hear that ancient song of co-creation with the elements of the physical and the spirit world. 

I find myself in the river valley of the Rio Grande, near her ripples and within her banks. This space has given me a relationship of family and sacred lands that are inherently the ground from which work and life emerge.

If I find a way to be in community with the earth and other beings harmoniously, truest expression emerges. From that connected place of body
and breath
and spirit
comes embodied sound and soul work.

My teacher says we must always give space for the silence after the sound. 

In the ways of the ancients who have come before and guide us always. And in the ways of my teacher within, I invite you to join me to explore and express together. Let’s make our way to the silence.

All are welcome.